Chiropractic Physicians Response to COVID-19

The Chiropractic Physicians Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

In regards to the current pandemic in our world, we would like to inform everyone that yes, we are still open and we are here to help. Chiropractic care helps improve structural function. Nutrition and good dietary choices will help to support your immune system. 

As part of the healthcare world, Chiropractic Physicians has been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 via our local and state health authorities as well as information updates from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

What we are doing now:

  • We are cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in our office, including door handles/knobs, countertops, shared keyboards, and shared pens. 
  • We are encouraging our patients to reschedule if they are exhibiting any signs or symptoms. 
  • We are providing hand washing or sanitation opportunities to patients and staff. 
  • We have created a plan for staff to stay home from work if they exhibit signs of illness. 
  • We have posted signs and offer take-home information to your patients about stopping the spread of viral illness.  

We are here to serve you, and want to share information with you about how we continue to operate safely and effectively. Our thoughts are with anyone affected by the coronavirus. 

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